Release notes to keep my portfolio building process honest

4 July 2024

I didn't go missing!

Well, no, I did from this digital space specifically, but I was chipping away at the presentation version of this portfolio. Then Figma announced Figma Slides, so I got busy transposing my artboards into actual slides. You can see my work-in-progress for the slides here.

But hey, I've updated the BPI case study to include the second takeaway, which is arguably more important than the workflows implemented in the project, and tells the full(er) story of my time as a design leader in those times.

17 June 2024

Shipped a new variant of a work card, to be used at the end of case studies:

Contemplating the need for a CMS for this changelog now, considering the page is getting really scroll-y long, and that's the only way to do paginations

10 June 2024

In-page navigation is up for case study pages — it has been a little frustrating trying to figure out the effects and scrolls, especially as it's a component and it has to be flexible for quantity, but it's usable, and definitely a bonus for exploring the case studies…

8 June 2024

  • Work archive is up. Whew.

  • Post about my career journey is up, too. Guess it's been a reflective kind of day (and I probably need more images or illustrations, but I'm keeping to the spirit of an MVP)

6 June 2024

  • Removed the 'other initiatives' part on the homepage because I wanted to show the grid in another way

  • Changed the site's palette to grey monochrome — feels a little more like "me" vs. the different pastels of the previous week

  • Updated some micro-interactions

5 June 2024

  • Rethinking my choices of the highlighted work reel

    • There are 2 websites and 1 app, with their own design systems that I established, plus a specific design system accelerator

    • I'm thinking to swap out a website for another app, or remove it entirely, since I don't actually want my category design to be "the person to go to for website migrations"

    • Removed that 4th card, so it's equally weighted across website, app, and design system for the case studies

4 June 2024

  • Robinhood case study is up — the urge to just redo everything is still strong

  • Added testimonials section to the About page

    • Was this a priority item? No. Did I do it anyway? Yes.

2 June 2024

Plugging in a little more content from the previous portfolio:

  • Xcelerator case study is up, but as usual, I want to rewrite everything (release 2, perhaps?)

  • Added the other initiatives grid on the landing page

  • Added the recent writing section on the landing page

  • Setting up the template for articles — very barebones in the vein of this MVP

  • Added my leadership principles as the first article

  • Contemplating adding a roadmap page/section on this page (so many things I want to spend time detailing, but my priority is getting content up!)

1 June 2024

MVP launch! Migrated 30% of my portfolio on Wordpress from, including:

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