My leadership principles

April 22, 2024
2 min read

It's always important to reflect on the kind of leader I wanted to be, and I pulled together different values and principles — both the ones I wanted to emulate, and the ones I would never want to bring across.

This, like so many things in my life, is a playbook that will continue to evolve as I learn and grow.

Last updated February 2024

👥 People over processes

  • Prioritizing the team and our well-being and growth, over rigid processes and roadblocks that are out of our control
  • Keep folks engaged and feeling valued authentically, and not just like a cog in a huge corporate machine
  • Building inclusivity and diversity in our teams and behaviours
  • Feedback early and often, and always understand circumstances and context

👍 Positivity over pessimism

  • Highlighting the importance of the way I hold myself and leading through example (something that I had to rapidly learn during a round of layoffs that affected many in the team), motivating the team and reframing problems, rather than dwelling in circles
  • It is crucial to note that this isn't toxic positivity where everything is good when it isn't! This will be important in fostering psychological safety in our interactions
  • Recognizing impact, value, and the hard work and commitment shown by the team

💪 Persistence over perfection

  • Building resilience and helping the team to embrace a growth mindset, rather than being fixated on unattainable perfection when a view from a higher altitude should be taken.
  • Encouraging them to take risks, and growing a culture where it is (really) okay to try and fail
  • Persisting in advocating for the importance of design, so that stakeholders can understand, over time, what good experience and design in their products can do, and how it's aligned to their business goals rather than an "add-on"

🎯 Purposeful profit

  • Generating growth and revenue through performance-driven teams, but recognizing that profits are a means to an end, but not the end themselves
  • Aligning with business and personal values and missions, making sure we are leaving the world a better place than we inherited it
  • Creating a net-positive impact to society while being sustainable as a team and organization